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Host an Exchange Student | ShelbyvilleToday

Host an Exchange Student

Exchange StudentsSchool starts soon, and we are really needing some fabulous host families. I know there are a lot of wonderful families in your area. Please message, or call Amy Cooper, Coordinator with PAX, if you are interested in hosting.
(812)663-2699, or (812)560-8878

I know there’s a lot of questions about hosting, and families, or a family member might be hesitant. I understand because I used to be one of them.

1. What about finances, the economy is no that great?

These students come her financially prepared for their stay. There are three basic needs that a host family must supply.

A. a bed
B. a place to Study
C. a place at your dinner table. (They take care of school lunches themselves).

2. I’m a single parent with kids, I’m single no kids, We’re empty nesters, we have small children.

You don’t have to be a family with teenagers. This is a cultural experience for everyone of all ages.

3. What about their medical needs?

1. Each student comes here with insurance.
2. They pay their own medical needs.
3. There is a medical release form allowing you to seek treatment for them.

And last but not least)
4. This is someone else’s teenager, how do I handle different situations?

1. As a coordinator it is my job to be a 24/7 advocate for the student, a support for the host family. I do not just expect you to pick them up from the airport, and say “see ya.”
2. These students are very adaptable, eager to share, help, and be apart of your family.
3. Them come here knowing the rules of the program. (Which are shared with you at a host family orientation) Rule 1. is about respecting the host family, and following host family rules.

This a wonderful learning experience for everyone in the family! These students are full of excitement, and can’t wait to share.


Matteo is a nice and friendly young man who has a good heart and is always smiling. He enjoys weight lifting, playing video games and is also very active in basketball and swimming. Matteo lives with his father, but has a good relationship with his mother as well. His father would like his future host family to know that “Matteo is an only child, really handy, very good character, calm, friendly, polite and sometimes shy at the beginning. He likes a lot to stay with other guys, but he also likes to stay with adults, so he’ll enjoy listening to your conversations.” Matteo is currently learning to make some special Italian food that he would like to cook for his host family. Matteo has many reasons for wanting to visit the United States; he says, “I want to get better as a person and I think that an open-minded person can achieve a lot of successes. I would like to feel part of my family in the United States and to find friends: with them all I hope I won’t feel alone.”


Ivo’s parents describe him as a mature, relaxed young man with a strong sense of duty and respect. He is very excited about having such a great opportunity to spend a year living with an American family and learning about the American customs. He writes, “An experience like this will give me the possibility to open my mind and learn how to change my view point,” adding that it will broaden his cultural perspective. He cannot wait to start getting to know his American family and meet new friends at school. In terms of school Ivo is a serious and reliable student. His teachers enjoy having him in class because of his friendly personality, his open-mindedness and his commitment to learning. In his free time Ivo loves to practice playing the drums, play soccer with friends, go skiing with his family, and ride his motorbike in the mountains. He also has an interest in technological gadgets and hopes to become a software developer when he is older. Ivo is certainly ready to begin his exchange and he is prepared for all the challenges and good times he will experience. He has a good head on his shoulders and will surely gain a lot from this year abroad!


Maximilian, who prefers to go by Maxi, is a polite, reliable, mature young man! He is so excited about this opportunity to live abroad! He truly can’t wait to meet you! Maxi’s best friend would describe him as “polite, caring and one to count on.” Maxi is supportive, sweet and always there for his friends and family. He likes to keep himself busy and active by snowboarding in the winter and playing golf in the summer. He enjoys pick-up games of basketball with his friends and skateboarding . His teacher notes that Maxi is a “determined person – once he sets a goal, he’s willing and able to make it happen.” He is considered “a very outgoing and communicative person” in school and “he radiates friendliness, optimism and joy.” Maxi’s step-father participated in an exchange program when he was young, and has told Maxi what a wonderful, great learning experience it was for him. Maxi wants to improve his English language skills while sharing with you his personal stories. He’ll teach you a little German, and cook a traditional German dish for the family. Maxi is interested in meeting new people and catching “some unforgettable impressions.”


Vincent is an athletic and friendly young man, eager to begin his exchange! His sense of humor and polite nature impress his friends, and they admire his determination and sense of responsibility. They say he is “ambitious to win and his drive motivates other team members to do their best.” Vincent has a love for many sports, but his favorites are tennis and soccer. He is very eager to play in America and hopes to join his school’s team. Vincent is fascinated by the American high school spirit and he is thrilled to be able to experience it. At his school, his teachers enjoy having him in class and say, “Vincent is interested in learning about new cultures and is able to adapt to new surroundings well.” They also appreciate his friendly attitude, describing him as “a polite student who is well liked by both peers and teachers.” During his exchange, Vincent is determined to become more independent and self reliant. He welcomes the challenges he will face and is confident that he can conquer any problems that may come his way, because coming to America has been a dream of his for years. Vincent can’t wait to meet his host family and truly become a member of the family. He looks forward to spending his days embracing the new culture and bonding with his host family.


Jung Suk is a dreamer! He believes that dreams play a crucial part in determining what a person really loves in life. He feels that doing what you like is more important than how much it pays or what appearance it gives. Although Jung Suk doesn’t know what his future dream is yet, he does know that he loves mathematics and social studies, along with psychology, journalism, and broadcasting. When he’s not thinking about his future, Jung Suk loves to play basketball. He is part of his school’s basketball team and also enjoys playing with friends. Another interest is watching movies in which he can feel like he is experiencing the roles, not just watching the movie. Jung Suk wants to spend time in America in order to experience the school system. His sisters studied in the U.S. and he is very curious about “how my sisters and American students study at school and spend time with friends or family.” He has been fascinated with the U.S. since he was young and this “leads me to want to meet American friends.” Currently, Jung Suk is very involved in his school’s English newspaper club, as a way to improve his English before he comes on exchange. His academic performance is excellent and he was voted in as class president in both middle school and high school.


With Ardi you will host a polite, hard-working young man who is ready to take advantage of everything this exchange year has to offer! He says that going to the U.S. will be his greatest accomplishment in life thus far. He never imagined that he would have such an incredible opportunity and he says that this experience will be a dream come true! In addition to improving his English, Ardi is looking forward to attending school like an American teenager. He is interested in the American educational system, and he is excited to see what school is really like. Ardi’s teachers appreciate his strong motivation and high level of interest when it comes to learning. They say he has put in a lot of extra work to improve his English, and this has greatly paid off, as he has quite a good level of English ability. He is seen as an “ambitious life time learner.” He will surely be an asset to his American school. In his free time Ardi loves playing basketball and soccer, and enjoys working out to stay fit. He is interested in trying some new sports this year as well. Ardi sends his best wishes to his future host family and he would like you to know that he cannot wait to meet you! He is positive that this will be an amazing year!


Hana is a friendly and bright young girl! Her friends describe her as someone who “has a great personality and always has a big smile on her face!” What a perfect candidate for an exchange program! In addition to friends, music is an important part of Hana’s life. Both of her parents sing, and while she doesn’t claim to have a particularly pleasing voice, she does love to play the piano. She enjoys sharing her talent as well, noting, “Sometimes, I teach little kids to play the piano.” Hana is a determined student as well with an affinity for mathematics: “It can be hard to solve the equation, but I feel sense of achievement after getting the right answer.” Although she may start off a little shy, like most people, the closer she becomes to you, the more outgoing she gets. She is looking forward to developing the maturity, which an experience like this offers a young person and would like her host family to know that she is very grateful for this amazing opportunity to become part of an American family. She is really looking forward to getting to know you, trading a few recipes, and making the most of what this very exciting year has in store!


Hanyang is a well-rounded young man with a variety of hobbies and accomplishments. He enjoys playing sports such as soccer and basketball, but also demonstrates his talents in music: playing piano, saxophone and the traditional Chinese flute. He is also dedicated to his role as the school’s leader of Model UN. He is really excited about living and studying abroad for a year and feels this will be a great learning experience. He writes, “I would like to expand my horizon by communicating culture with local American students. Then I may see the world from a different angle and feel the happiness of life.” In school Hanyang is known for his easy-going and energetic demeanor as well as his sense of responsibility. His teacher also praises his ability to work with others and says that he has no trouble readily exchanging views and sharing ideas with others, which helps to create a friendly atmosphere in class. These traits will easily translate to his American school. Hanyang cannot wait to start getting to know his American family and says that he is looking forward to an unforgettable year!


Thunda has many great qualities that will help her have a great exchange year! She is active, creative, talkative and cheerful. Friendships and family relationships mean a lot to her and she is looking forward to forming close bonds with her new American hosts and classmates. Thunda loves to be involved in school activities and she cannot wait to see what her American school has to offer. She was elected the “cheer leader” for her class due to her enthusiasm and dance abilities. When she is not studying or participating in extra curricular activities, Thunda loves to watch movies and hang out at home. She has been learning to cook from her mother and she would be honored to teach you about Thai cuisine during her time in the U.S. Academically, Thunda is a hard working student with a clear focus on maintaining her good grades. She gets along well with both teachers and peers, and should have no trouble fitting into her American school because of her cheerful and sweet personality. Thunda is certain she will gain a lot from this experience. More than just improving her English, she hopes to enrich her life by learning about a new culture and making international friends.

Call Amy Cooper, Coordinator with PAX, if you are interested in hosting.
(812)663-2699, or (812)560-8878

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